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We carry a Large Inventory of Motor Control Starters and Related Components from All Maunfacturers. We carry Open Starters, General Purpose, Weather Proof, or Explosion Proof. Some of the different starters that we carry in stock are listed below.

  • 5 kv Starters & Contactor

We Carry a Good Inventory OF 5KV Starters and Contactors by all Major Manufacturers.

  • Magnetic Contactors

Valvo Electrical Supply carry's a Large Selection of Magnetic Contactors by all Major Manufacturers. Sizes from 15 amp to 200 amp 3 and 4 pole.

  • Magnetic Motor Starters

We Carry a Very Large Inventory of Magnetic Motor Starters by all Major Manufacturers. We Stock Enclosurers from General Purpose to Explosion Proof in Nema Sizes from 00 to Size 7.

  • Push Buttons & Pilot Lts.

We have a Large Inventory of Push Buttons, Pilot Lights, Overload Heaters, Control Transformers and Pressure Switches etc.

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