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We carry a very large inventory of electrical supplies ranging from conduit and fittings, to wire connectors and splice kits. Some of the items that we carry in stock are listed below.

  • Arc-Tite Plugs & Resept.

We carry a Large Inventory of Crouse Hinds and Appleton Arc-tite Plugs and Reseptacles in stock from 30 amp to 200 amp.

  • Cable Connectors

Teck Connectors, Strain Relief Connectors, Liquid-tite Connectors, Flex Connectors are in stock for all types of cable and flex from 1/2" to 4".

  • Conduit & Fittings

E.M.T., Rigid Steel & Aluminum, PVC, LIquid-lite Flex, and Flexible Conduit as well as related Boxes and Fittings in General Purpose, Vapour-Proof and Explosion Proof.

  • Enclosures & Raceways

General Purpose, Rain-tite, Vapour-proof and Explosion Proof Enclosures are in stock as well as PVC and General Purpose Raceways

  • Grounding Hardware

T&B and Burndy Grounding Hardware from Ground Clamps to Ground Rods are in stock

  • Lugs & Split Bolts

A large inventory of Aluminum and Brass Lugs as well as Split Bolts for Aluminum and Copper Wiring.

  • Outlet Boxes & Covers

A large inventory of Outlet Boxes from General Purpose to Explosion Proof are available.

  • Plugs & Reseptacles

We carry a large selection of Twistlock and Stright Blade Plugs and Reseptacles as well Arc-tite Plugs and Reseptacles.

Electrical Supplies: Features
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