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We carry a Large Inventory of Explosion Proof products manufactured by Crouse Hinds, Appleton, Killark, O.Z Gedney, T & B, and Pyle as well as other manufactures. Some of the explosion proof items that we carry in stock are listed below.

  • Enclosures

We carry a Large selection of Explosion Proof Enclosures in a wide variety of Sizes from small Enclosures to the 36" X 48" Enclosures with N.P.T. holes to suit the Customers Requirements.

  • Flexible Conduit

A Large inventory of Explosion Proof Flexible Conduits are always in Stock from 1/2" to 4" in a Wide varity of Lengths from 4" to 36"

  • GUA Fittings

We carry a Large Selection of GUAB, GUAD, GUAL, GUAR, GUAT Fittings from 1/2" to 2" in Aluminum or Steel.

  • Lighting

A Large Inventory of Explosion Proof Lighting is Always in Stock from Incandescent to HID fixtures. We carry all Major Manufacturers fixtures including Crouse Hinds, Appleton, Killark, Hubbell etc.

Motor Control

We carry a good Selection of Explosion Proof Manual and Magnetic Starters by all Major Manufacturers.

Explosion Proof Fittings: Features
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